Preparing the Kiddos for Winter

There are many things in our lives that seem to be winterized when the season changes. We winterize our homes, our cars, and even our wardrobe. But what about our little ones? Realistically speaking, it wasn’t until my son “drove me crazy” one snow day that I created a list of things to help  make my…I mean HIS winters so  much better. Here are some amazing suggestions below (You can thank me later with a batch of cookies).

  1. Buy toys to help burn energy. When the weather is great we are afforded the opportunity to take our little ones outdoors to run around until they cant anymore. During the long winter months you can buy things to help do the same thing. My most recent purchase was an indoor slide. My son will use it for 20 minutes at a time.
  2. Make sure your little one is OVER prepared for outdoor activities. It doesn’t hurt to have more than one coat, gloves, boots, hats, and scarves. The tiny tikes lose everything! hint: to make it easier to keep up with mittens take a long piece of yarn and sew a mitten to each end. Then run the yarn through both arms of the coats. When the mittens are not on your child’s hands they will hang freely…without getting lost. Make sure to put them on undershirts and thermal (or pajama pants) under their clothes when leaving.
  3. Stock up on the snacks… and maybe a nice bottle of wine for mommy later. Kids seem to eat, eat, and EAT when they are bored. Keep plenty of fruits, grains, and special treat in the house for movie time and game time.
  4. Buy a good flashlight and a good sheet. Who doesn’t want to read a good story in the dark in a fort?!
  5. Find new cartoons. Well, at least new to them. My son and I have been watching Tom and Jerry recently. Mommy is happy and baby is happy (Good bye SpongeBob).
  6. Stock up on children medications and soup. Sadly, we all know what happens this time of the year. (Sniffle sniffle cough cough).

Hopefully, winterizing your babies/kiddos/tikes will make things much better until the spring hits. Just remember my cookies : )


Until next time…..

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