Picking battles


Today, breakfast was waffles and chips. No, chips isn’t an abbreviation for a healthy breakfast side. Chips are chips. Ruffles to be exact. Cheesy and unhealthy. Today…I picked my battle and I decided not to fight for breakfast. If today was six months ago I may have felt guilty letting  my two year old eat something so terrible for his first meal of the day. Especially seeing these near perfect moms on social media and in the blog world. Anyhow… Today I did not feel guilty.

As time goes by I’m learning not to stress the small stuff so much. Yes, eating chips for breakfast one day is really really small. Every morning there is a battle in my home. Cayden doesn’t want to wear pants or brush his teeth or eat at all or get out the bed. There is occasional screaming that is usually accompanied by a stream of tears. There is plenty stomping, time outs, and whatever else randomly happens. But today there was peace. He climbed out of bed with a smile on his face, removed his pajamas without an argument, and was dressed without a word. He sat watching cartoons while eating waffles. And politely, he asked for chips. Everything in me wanted to say no, its not healthy, and explain some food pyramid crap that he wouldn’t have gave two (sugar hone iced teas) about. But I didn’t. I let my baby eat chips. It was a constellation prize for allowing me to go to work one day without a headache. And it was worth it.

I’m learning that my goal as a parent is not to be right or perfect. It is to be real and do my best. Today my best was chips. Tomorrow…who knows. I’m picking my battles wisely.


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  1. Victoria Thompson says:

    picking your battles is always a great way to set the tone for your own day, and taking control of your destiny(even for just one day) Lol
    I like how you interact with your son as I know too well he has quite the personality

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