So, I saw the absolute coolest thing I have seen in weeks. Like many other parents, I’m always thinking of quirky traditions to start with my son so that he is able to have an abundance of positive childhood memories. Today, I ran across a Christmas eve box. The only thing I don’t like is that I didn’t hear about this last year (insert mad emoji here). However, I will do this from here on out! You’re probably wondering what the heck a Christmas eve box is by now. (Sorry for the prolonged dramatics). A Christmas eve box is a gift for your little ones to open the night before Christmas. The box will be filled with goodies to make the night that old Khris Kringle arrives so much more special. Here’s what you put in the box:

Christmas eve PJ’s

A new Christmas movie to watch before bed

A new Christmas book to read at bedtime

Christmas eve snack
This is something super cool to continue for many years and that can be adjusted as your children age. Who doesn’t want a present before all of the other presents? I sure would!
Until next time!

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