Tis the season for….


Tis’ the season for… the common cold, the flu, the cooties and whatever else! Sheeeeeesh! During this time of year many people are focusing on cooking Christmas dinner, buying presents, and making ginger bread cookies. However, there are some of us (like my diabetic self) that are focusing on how to stay well. In case you are anything like me, here are some wellness tips to stay healthy.

  1. Drink plenty of water: Eliminate as much sugar as you can.
  2. Get plenty of sleep: Yes, I know many of you want to catch those late night Christmas movies but lack of sleep makes you more susceptible to illness.
  3.  Take vitamins: Taking daily vitamins help to build up your immune system.
  4. Wash your hands, often: People have the cooties (Yes, I believe in the cooties : )
  5. Stock up on cold medications in advance: The common cold truly needs to “run its course” as our grandparents would say. However, medication can help soothe the aches until it does. If you don’t wish to use medication you can do things such as cut on the shower (hot) and shut yourself in the bathroom. Things like this will help open up your passages.
  6. Work out: Yeah, this will be hard for me too.

Hopefully these will help! Until next time…

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