I got 99 problems… And money is 1!

In a perfect world Mr. Krabs would be the financial advisor of my dreams. Helping me to embrace the cheapskate life, saving every penny by any means necessary. However, I do not live in a pineapple under the sea. Still, there are many things that can be done to not only create financial security but build great fiscal habits to pass down to my children. For this year (and every single year to follow) I have some formulated some guidelines that will hopefully make a massive positive impact on life as I know it.

Budgeting on my own terms

People tend to believe that the average budget should consist of necessities more than the latter. However, there are certain “wants” that ultimately provide us with a little piece of happiness. If that little piece of happiness is me getting my nails done, buying a new pair of shoes,  treating myself to an Oreo shake at Baskin Robbins, or buying my son a new toy… then it needs to be incorporated into my budget. I’m sure I wasn’t put on this earth simply to pay bills and die.

Reevaluate current bills

There may be current plans that can be adjusted. Maybe the phone bill data can be decreased, the cable plan can be adjusted, or the internet provider can be switched. Sometimes small monthly changes can become major yearly revolutions.

Find a new job

Yes. You heard me. Sometimes the fact of the matter may be that the career path we are on is simply not paying the bills. This is the year for a reexamination of what I ultimately would love to do in this life. It is never to late to start anew.

Piggy banking

I am determined to keep a piggy bank that I will open one a year and use the funds to treat myself to something special. It’s looking like that something special may be a vacation. How desperately do I need time away!

Asking for a life vest instead of drowning

Many times we get stuck in financial blunders that are harder than we thought to escape. Ask for help dummy! This is what I will be saying to myself and maybe you should too. Rather than waiting until a situation is almost unsalvageable I will be putting my white flag in the air if necessary.

Maintaining a secure credit card

The easiest way for me to do so is to set up two automatic payments each month, on my pay day, for simple amounts like $30. This way I am making consistent payments. I set this payments up at the end of each month to ensure that I am continually on the right track.

Creating an emergency fund

S*** happens. And because it happens being prepared for the unknown is everything. Maybe I will need a new battery for my car or medicine for my sick child. Who knows. But what I do know is that having a “nest egg” as my grandmother would say, can make things so much easier.

As time goes on I am sure that I will either get great advice from other people that are good at “adulting” that I can add to this promising list of mine. Until then I will attack these things with a Krabby mind set : )

Until next time…

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