The Skin You Live In

Even as adults, we often struggle finding the beautiful aspects of being nothing less than who we are meant to be. We fail to see the beauty in every freckle, flaw, scar, hue of skin, and texture of hair. We compare ourselves to others as if they aren’t feeling just as insecure and possibly comparing themselves to us. We fail to see how amazing we are. Now place your thoughts, insecurities, and uncertainties in the mind of a child. How much more difficult do you believe that mental battle is? It’s important that we as the understanding parents, aunts, uncles, teachers, cousins, siblings, and everything in between remind them of how wonderful they are inside and out : )

I recently ran across a book entitled The Skin You Live In. How ever so cute is a book poetically written for the little ones that helps them to love the skin they’re in? This would be an amazing gift for a special little person in your life! In the words of Teresa Collins, ” You can never meet your potential until you truly learn to love yourself.”



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