Why is your child always sick?


Can I vent for a second? Okay. *deep breath* I was having a recent conversation with someone about my son’s recent cold when they made a flat statement, “Gosh your son is always sick. I wonder why he’s always sick.” There was a 30 second grace period (I believe God allows me to have this time to talk myself down from being psycho mom) before I answered. “What is always? Once a month or so? Every other month?” Before they could get a word in edge wise I continued, “My son gets sick because there are mom’s who send their children to daycare with fevers and viruses because they refuse to take a day off from work. My son gets sick because in today’s day and age there are still five year olds who aren’t being taught to cover their mouths when they sneeze and/or cough. My son gets sick because adults blow their noses and open doors without washing their hands. SO technically the question should be framed differently and addressed to those that fail to help minimize the spread of their germs so my baby can get sick less.” Silence. As expected… followed by an, “I guess you’re right”. So! Here is how you can stop getting my son and other people’s children sick:

  1. Cover your mouth with the inside of your elbow when you sneeze/cough
  2. Spray your home/offices with Lysol
  3. Wash you hands after you blow your nose and/or sneeze
  4. Don’t send your sick baby to daycare/school (No, we don’t all have jobs where we can take off. But it takes a village to raise a child enlist in the help of a grandma or someone who doesn’t mind taking care of your sick little ones)

Until next time…

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  1. Vicky T says:

    Girl testify!!! I am soooo sick of the adukts who have yet to learn proper etiquette during the cold season. Tighten up people

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