How the heck do you do it?


A friend of mine recently asked me how I do it. “Do what?” I was utterly confused. How do you work, cook, clean, spend time with your son, and manage not to lose your mind? I guess I gave her the wrong impression because I definitely lose my mind. However, the answer was simple. I acknowledge the fact that I cannot do it alone. I listen to people. People who are moms or who are not moms. I take suggestions ALL THE TIME. I figure out what will be conducive for my family and I apply those things accordingly. For instance, I was beyond tired as it related to cooking. It seemed as though I was cooking daily. It seemed as though I was cooking for hours. After complaining to my mother about this major part of my life she suggested an amazing cooking schedule. She stated, “You’re making things more difficult than they have to be. Cook on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Each time, cook enough for two days. Saturday’s can be for pizza or whatever else.” Was I nuts? Was it really this simple? I implemented this schedule and BOOM! Momming (don’t worry about if its a real word) became that much easier.

Aside from listening to sound advice from others I’m able to “do it” is by accepting the fact that I am not perfect nor am I expected to be. I am a real mom. Sometimes real moms leave dishes in the sink. Sometimes real moms don’t feel like folding the laundry. Sometimes real moms cry because it just seems to be too much. And then with prayer, support, and sheer will power…I get up to try it again. I do it by being okay with not doing it sometimes. You can do it too : )


Until Next time…

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  1. Vicky T says:

    There never is a right or wrong way to “mommying” you just have to do what works for you. That mither of yours is pretty smart

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