Preparing your children for the season ahead

It snowed in Chicago today…

That fact alone allows me to still say “Bah Humbug” and not be judged due to the season. However, my mind has been completely and totally focused on spring. Not because I can’t wait to feel the warm sun and wear less clothes (although that is surely one reason). I am what some people may consider an “over planning nut who is always prepared”. Boom! (I’m sure you like how I just came up with all of that wordy goodness). Anyhow, being this person has afforded me the opportunity NOT to panic when the season randomly changes unexpectedly. No matter the season it seems as though we wake up one day like “Holy crap look at all that snow!” or “Holy crap it’s 90 degrees outside today”. This is also the moment that we realize that we don’t have boots, a light jacket, shorts, or whatever else is desperately needed. But not I! While it s snowing I’m getting my son spring ready so that I’m not rushing to the store the day that mother nature has an attitude (she must be a cancer). In the midst of preparing myself and my little one I figured it would be super amazing to share these things with you. So, here is what you can do to be a little more like me (without the manic stages).

  1. Buy spring friendly clothes. At least three outfits. Loose fitting long sleeve shirts, light jogging suits, a rain coat, rain boots, shorter socks,and spring friendly shoes. This is also the time to buy spring friendly under shirts. Pretty soon the kiddos can go from t-shirts to tanks. Stock up now parents.
  2. Get organized for spring cleaning. what will you do with your child’s winter clothes? If they will go in a tote or storage bag, get these things now to make the closet transition smooth.
  3. Treat them to an outside toy. Your local dollar store should have plenty. Stash it in a closet they never go into. Maybe a bat/ball, some bubbles, or a kite. How awesome will it be to surprise them with  fun day outside when that time comes?


Hopefully the day spring slaps you in the face it wont sting as bad. My name is Shetoya and I am an over planning nut who is always prepared. Until next time!

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