Mommy quick do!

I’ve gotten so many questions/compliments about my hair from so many women (black, white, and blue). As a mom (with natural hair especially) I search diligently for hairstyles that are conducive to my life. I have three goals as it relates to hair. It needs to look cute, be low maintenance, and not cost me a jillion (so what it’s not a word…you know what I mean) dollars. Getting a two year old ready for daycare in the morning doesn’t allow time for primping and true prepping (oh those were the days 😩).

I watch so many Instagram and Facebook videos thinking, “Hey! I can do that!” So, guess what? I did it! I took the time to crochet my hair! (Go Toya it’s ya birthday!)

Below is an amazing YouTube video in case anyone is interested in a cool project! The hair costs about $7.00 a pack and I used roughly 8 packs. The hook costs $1.00 and the thread/needle are also the same. Besides that, you pay with about 2.5 hours of time. The style lasts me 3 weeks which is totally awesome and it’s not stressful on my hair at all. Good luck ladies!

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