How to stay safe while cooking with little ones


In my home, as it was in my mothers childhood home, and in her mother’s home…the kitchen is a physical representation of love. The kitchen is where we come as one to vent and laugh about our day. The kitchen is where we dance around stuffing our face with freshly baked treats. The kitchen is where we cook…together.

However, the kitchen is also where tons of children are injured each day. As it relates to cooking with a young child many people have different views. Personally, I believe the younger you introduce them to cooking as children the better off they are with the spoon as adults. You can let them stir, pour, and so many things with food…away from the stove. Not only does cooking build memories, it is ultimately  a useful (and necessary) skill.

While cooking with my two year old son I have a few rules of fork (nice pun eh?) to live by. Below are the necessary precautions  we as adults must take.

  1. Be mindful of your kids clothing. Clothing with tassels, strings, and flamable materials should not be worn in the kitchen. If they accidentally get close to the stove, they can end up in a painful situation.
  2. Turn all handles of pots away for their tiny reach. We don’t want them snatching something boiling down and onto their person.
  3. NEVER let them stir anything that cooking on the stove. NEVER a.
  4. Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize! Immediately. With kitchen cleaners and/or a part bleach part water mixture). We don’t want them spreading harmful bacteria to other areas of the house.
  5. Wash hands before and after cooking. (I don’t need to explain this do I?)
  6. Inform them that steam is dangerous just like fire. Many children are burned by steam alone each day.

Once children have reached a reading age you can write safety tips out to be displayed in or near the kitchen. Make sure you do everything in your power to keep the  kitchen a place full of positive memories.


Until next time…


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