Emergency back pack…Dora don’t have nothing on me!



Is this the over prepared moms anonymous meeting platform? Hi, my name is Shetoya and I’m an over prepared mom. Yes, my friends judge me and they can’t seem to understand how I remotely have time to go through my organizational rants. However, this mom has all she needs whenever she is out. I NEVER have to stop for random purchases. I don’t have a screaming child for an extended period of time. Why? Because I do this mommy thing…well! (Boom! 💣)Do you want to join my club? It’s easy. This is how.

You keep an emergency backpack in the car at all times. You will have to check the back pack every month or so to switch out items that have gotten smaller or have expiration dates. What do you need to be as awesome as I am?! 😉 Here’s my list:

  • Atleast two favorite snacks
  • Atleast two juice boxes
  • Two of their toys
  • A coloring book/washable crayons
  • An extra pair of clothing
  • An extra pair of underwear with a plastic bag (in case there is a pee pee accident)
  • Wipes
  • Tissue
  • A pair of pajamas (In case it’s getting late while you’re out. You can switch them to the pj’s to make the transition to be easier.)
  • Ibuprofen

I’m nuts right? No! I don’t need to spend any money while out. (Unless my little monster begs for something in the car… as    always 😑)

I hope you can find this to be helpful!

Until next time…


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