Who needs a basket when you have giant eggs?!



imageLast year was the first year that I felt I could truly enjoy holidays with my son. He was walking, talking, and developing so much as an individual. Yet, when Easter approached I felt as though all of the store bought Easter baskets were (how do I say it nicely?) BORING! They weren’t tailored to who he is as a little one and they seemed so “traditional”.

Luckily, I came across some very beautiful and unbelievably reasonably priced custom Easter eggs. Yes, you heard me. Bye bye store bought baskets. Cayden loved his egg (with his name across the front) and the amazing goodies inside. This year I will be getting four more eggs for the special little ones in my life! Did I fail to mention that we still use the egg for storage?

The beautiful thing is that you can get one too! How you might ask?! Contact Lauren at favorsbyla@aol.com! You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks to Lauren for being this Monday’s Mommy Crush! You rock!


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