In sickness and in health


imageBeing a mom, at any rate, can be a very stressful job. Believe me, it’s the most rewarding position I have ever held. However, it can be just as trying. We, as moms tend to be judgmental as it relates to what we do as parents and how. Moms who work feel as though their jobs are tougher than that of a mom who stays at home. Stay at home moms would tend to disagree. Moms who go to school feel as though they have it three times as hard. Yet, who are any of us to judge? Who gives us the right to say that our struggle is worse than someone else’s?

I could never speak for anyone else. We all deal with our struggles in different ways, shapes, and forms. The only person I can speak for is myself. Me. The type 1 diabetic mom who tries to hold it together each and everyday.

Many moms don’t factor chronic disease into parenting. Whether it’s the disease of the parent or the parent dealing with that of the child. But it is a major factor. I pee ALL night long. Meaning, even if my son actually sleeps throughout the night I’m still unable to, due to blood sugars that will fluctuate while I’m sleeping. This isn’t to say that I’m more tired than a mom who does not deal with this. I’m just stating the facts of my life. I can play blocks with my son and I will have an overwhelming feeling to faint. I have to convince my two year old that I’m okay while checking my sugar, taking appropriate measures to correct it, and pulling it together because at two I’m not sure that he can fully explain to the paramedics what’s going on. I have had to place my child in the arms of a fireman because I was being placed into an ambulance, wondering if I will even live to see him the next day.

Fact of the matter is, in sickness or in health, I have to be mommy. No different than any other mom that has to deal with LIFE while being Mommy.

Everyone’s struggle is unique to their own life. No different than their victories. We as parents should join forces and learn to be a shoulder to lean on rather than feeling as though we are better because we deal with more. Who has the right to truly define what “more” is anyway?

Today, and everyday, I challenge you to give the compassion you wish upon yourself. I challenge you to understand in times that it seems so difficult. I challenge you to be a listening ear. Nurture… Like us moms have been known to do. And do it well.

Until next time…

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  1. Vicky T says:

    All I can say is WOW awesome article baby bird


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