Summer fun without breaking the bank


It’s that time of the year (finally)! The time where the weather is amazing, the food is smokey, and there are tons of activities around the city! There is nothing more amazing than participating  in an event with the opportunity to enjoy each and every aspect that it has to offer. So, how do we participate wit’s summer activities in a way that’s exciting yet easy on the pockets?! I’ll tell you how!

First, search the Internet and your local paper for free festivities. The summer is full of free zoo entrance, museum entrance, neighborhood festivals, and so much more.

Second, pack like a maniac. Don’t forget a thing! The less you have to buy outside the better. Pack lunches, snacks, drinks, baby wipes (even for the big kids), extra clothing, sunscreen, medication, and more. This way you can spend your money on the cool stuff (like balloon toys that will pop on a few days 😒).

Third, check for parking availability in advance.  There may be parking nearby for free or cheaper. Better to know what the damage is in advance.

Lastly, take pictures. Many many pictures. Then turn them into an amazing photo album at the end of the summer that your children can enjoy for years to come! Printing at Walmart and other major stores is well under a dollar per picture.

My summer kicked off with an amaxing trip to Chicago’s FREE Lincoln Park Zoo! I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

Until next time!

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