The weekends are for cheating! On your diet of course : )

Disney® Classic Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker in Red

The weekends are for breaking rules, cheating on diets, and doing things will we probably regret on Monday. Right? Well, I don’t know about you but that’s my plan as soon as Friday hits *high fives self like a dork*.  Normally, I keep the really good stuff to myself. I’m sort of selfish. BUT! Today, I decided to share. This weekend I will be… (wait for it)… making pizza waffles! Whoot whoot! God willing, I will be able to do so on a Mickey Mouse waffle iron. All I need is for someone to gift me one : ) Don’t all raise your hands at once. Here’s what I’m going to do and how (Just in case you want to join me).


Pizza sauce

Pizza Dough


Mozzarella cheese

Italian seasoning


1 can of canola spray oil

What to do

Heat the waffle iron and spray top and bottom with canola oil. Place flattened and rolled out pizza dough on the bottom. Add pizza sauce, oregano, Italian seasoning, and pepperoni. Top with mozzarella cheese before adding another flattened (rolled out) piece of dough. Close the waffle iron and let it cook baby! Cut off excess dough while its cooking. Wait until it is golden brown annnnnnnnnd… give yourself another reason to hit the gym on Monday : )

Until Next Time!

p.s. my waffle iron is at Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Target

p.p.s. I’m just saying (enter shrugging emoji here)

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