Summer, Summer, Summertime!

Today is Friday! (whoop whoop) Which means some people can sleep in tomorrow without a stress in the world. Ahhhh : ) Unless you’re a parent of course. Which means that you have to get up whenever your little crumb snatchers wake you up. But it’s okay because Saturday mornings are for creativity, fun, family bonding, and love. Here’s a list of randomly fun things you can do this Saturday.

  1. Make breakfast as a family
  2. Go outside today in your pajamas and blow bubbles
  3. Grab some sidewalk chalk and get creative
  4. Have a lunch in the park
  5. Go to the beach and collect seashells
  6. Go fishing
  7. Go to a drive in movie
  8. Go to an ice cream parlor
  9. Buy water toys from the dollar store and have a water battle in the backyard
  10. Go bike riding

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