Easy Peezy Shrimp and Chicken Alfredo!


Nothing is worse than coming home from a long day at work, simply to slave over a hot stove for hours. Who has time for that? (Don’t all raise your hands at once) Why not have a meal that is delicious, hearty, and takes very little time? Well I have something for you! I call it my easy peezy shrimp and chicken alfredo and the recipe is below. (You can thank me later by inviting me to dinner one day) Enjoy!




You will need

2 thin boneless skinless chicken breasts

1 bag of frozen (peeled and deveined) shrimp

1 green pepper


seasoning salt

black pepper

Italian seasoning

lemon pepper seasoning

garlic powder

4 table spoons of grape seed oil (or olive oil)

1 box of rotini tri-colored pasta

your favorite pasta sauce (mine is alfredo)

What do you need to do?

In a large pot boil the past according to the instructions on the box. While that’s working its magic cut your chicken breast into small pieces (not too small) and the green pepper into strips. In a medium size skillet put two table spoons of oil. (I’ve always been in love with olive oil but my amazing friend Nina has me being a little more healthy with the grape seed oil. And I love it!) Add the green peppers and cook them over medium heat until they are soft (maybe 5 minutes). Remove them from the skillet and add the chicken. Season the chicken with seasoning salt, Italian seasoning, black pepper, and paprika. Cook over medium until they’re no longer pink (maybe 10 minutes or so). Add the green peppers  and cook for two more minutes. In another medium skillet add the other two table spoons of oil and your shrimp. Sprinkle them with seasoning salt, garlic powder, black pepper, and lemon pepper seasoning. cook only two minutes per side. You didn’t forget about your pasta cooking did you? Drain the pasta and add into a large bowl. Put the chicken/peppers/shrimp in with the pasta and mix well. Cover with your favorite pasta sauce and wala! (Is that a word?) You’re done!


Until Next Time!

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