Every mom has their own style. I’d like to call mine “clothes that I do not have to iron”. To be honest, I admire the moms who remain undeniably fierce every single day as if it’s nobody’s business. But I’m not wired that way. (Insert dramatic emoji here). Since I’m not wired that way and I still like to look cute (emoji with the winking eye and tongue out here) I follow simple rules to make myself look less drab.

Rule number one

Keep mascara and lip gloss handy. Flirty eyes can definitely help you look like “my baby has been crying all night” and more like “I think I got this covered”.

Rule number two

Buy super cute and cheap jewelry. I love jewelry from Forever21, Charolette Russ, and Love Culture. The cheaper the better because i have lost some great expensive pieces fooling around with my kiddo.

Rule number three

Buy basics. Basic tees, skirt, shorts, and pants. Solid color pieces that can be paired with anything.

Rule number four

Buy a cute purse/bag with many pockets. Organization is key in #momlife.

Rule number five

Love you. Be you.  Remember that you are beautiful no matter what you wear. Don’t let anymore make you feel bad for the days you dress completely down or the days you dress completely up. We are not defined by how we look, rather by how we live.

Until next time…

picture from http://www.shop1108.com

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