The promises I can keep…

Dear Cayden,

As a parent there are so many things I wish to offer you throughout the course of your life.  I would love for you to grow up in a mansion overlooking the water but  I understand that it may not come to pass. (belive me I’m going to work my fingers to the bone attempting to make it a reality). Still, there is so much I am determined to give you or make sure you don’t encounter. My job as your mother is to provide you with everything the world would consider a necessity. Food, water, shelter, education… the list can go on for quite a while. My prayer is to supply you with your wants as well. Yet, there are other vital things I am willing to promise you from the pit of my soul and the core of my heart.

I promise to give you a strong basis for how to treat women by how I allow myself to be treated. I cannot expect you to respect women you encounter in the future (near or far) if I don’t demand respect first. I promise to place positive male role models all around you. Blessed is the boy being raised by a village. For he is always surrounded by love and wisdom. I promise to let you cry. Contrary to what the world wants you to believe…men hurt…men cry. I promise to love you without conditions. Regardless of who you choose to love or what path you choose to take. My love will NEVER fade. For love is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, nor does it keeps no record of wrongs. I promise never to give up. Regardless of what the task. I cannot expect you to live up to your name (spirit of battle) if I cower at my own adversities. I will stand for something because falling for anything is not even an option.

My sweet boy, I promise to love my own skin. My melanin. My big lips. My big hair. For if I don’t you are left to define beauty according to societies unrealistic and counterfeit views. I promise to never keep you away from anyone you love or who loves you unless they pose a threat to you physically or mentally. Just because things don’t work in relationships as we wish does not mean that ties get cut. Your relationship between you and your father or your grandmother or your uncles or anyone else will be defined by their effort. I promise to discipline you. I’m sure that’s the last thing you wish for. But I am determined for you to be respectful. I promise to be honest about who you are and anything you need. Thinking that you are perfect (even though you are to me) and ignoring any potential problems can cost you in the long run. Not on my watch. I promise to hug you even when you think you’re too big and kiss you every night until you move out of my house. You are special. You are mine. You are my first priority. I promise to love you for a life time…then a couple more.

Forever and ever,




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