Potty Mouth Baby


Pretend time is always some of the best time spent between my son and I. We yell, scream, jump, run, and roll around on the floor until we are beyond tired. We hug, kiss, and make memories to last a lifetime. However, a few days ago as we were having pretend time something different happened. He cursed. He curse in proper context with certainty and I was floored.

Let me play this out for you. We were wrestling near the bathroom door. I quickly grabbed him in the world’s most awesome bear hug and started to roll on the floor. “Get over here before I devour you!” He stated, “Oh, no you won’t. I’m going to get you first b#@%^!”…with a smile on his face. A smile that infomred me that he saw no harm in the words that just exited his mouth. I stopped. “What did you say?” He clarifies, “B#$%@”. Me, “Bench?” Him, “No. B%$#@” I was stunned. There were so many ways I could have handled that situation but I did the first thing that came to mind. I explained to my two year old how demeaning and derogatory the “B” word is. I explained to him, at 2, that the world will try to tell him that its okay to call women by that word or even men when they are showing their emotions. The world is a LIE. I explained to this baby, my son, that used the “B” word that if he ever feels the need to call a woman by anything other than her name he can call her a queen. For women are queens. Period.

The people who know me personally will not be baffled by the fact that my son used a curse word. Because Mommy has a potty mouth. But the “B” word isn’t my word of choice nor is it what’s used freely in front of my two year old. He may hear me say some of other stuff but where did that word come from? I did not influence that word at all.

All I do know is that he is never too young for a teachable moment. He is never to young to gain real understanding. He should always have me and the other adults lead him in the proper direction…no matter the subject. And I know, he wont be using that word again. (In front of me at least…lol)


Until Next time!


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