The my toddler is no longer a baby woes

Recently, I celebrated my son’s 3rd birthday. To say that it was a bitter-sweet moment would be a complete and total understatement. To be honest, I didn’t think it would effect me so much. I also didn’t think it would have a similar affect on him. Although he shows all of his “threenager” characteristics daily, he reverts when it gets “too real” for him.

I have to remind my son that he’s not a baby every 30 minutes it seems. If I say no or insist that he completes a task that he completely hates, a tantrum ensues. The falling on the floor, slobbing onto your shirt, kind of tantrum. Like…you didn’t even do this as an infant. What the heck? Still, I have to remind myself that this is hard for him. (That doesn’t mean I accept the shenanigans. It means I am considerate of his little toddler feelings) Sometimes it’s painful to punish him but I understand that it’s a necessity. He has to be able to express himself with words not Charlie Brown teacher talk in between bouts of screaming. We both, this toddler of mine and I, miss the baby stage occasionally. And occasionally we live in a baby moment. I rock him, hold him, and kiss him. Ad we both understand that we have to continue to build memories that will last a lifetime.

I’m sad that my baby is no longer a baby. But my God am I ever so excited about what the future hold. Happy birthday again Cayden Carter Russell (insert tears and love here)

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