I gave birth to a dream…



I gave birth to a dream. He was 7 lbs 01 oz. There was no crying after birth so I wondered if my dream would ever be conceptualized. Then he screamed. So loud that something within my soul leaped three times deeper than I could have imagined. I gave birth to a dream. A little brown boy that has this elaborate and immaculate life, designed by hands of God, ahead of him. My dream will be better than me. Better than his father. Better than his ancestors. I gave birth to a dream. Three years later he’s spiritual. He holds my hand and prays with me every night. Yes. A three year old. He knows when I am sad or have been crying. He sings me songs to make me feel better. He saved me. This dream saved me. My temper, my attitude, my demeanor has changed and evolved because I wanted to be a better person for him. I have forgiven people who have never and will never apologize because my dream has shown me that life is too short to hold grudges. Life is too short to live negatively and angrily. What you put out, you get back. My dream teaches me patience daily. My dream will be a man that is honest, forthcoming, humble, intelligent, God-fearing, and nurturing. How do I know? Because God told me so. How blessed am I to give birth to a dream…

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