You’re no longer a baby



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Yesterday was a day full of very small (yet large in nature) lessons for Cayden Carter Russell. For several days I have been on a much necessary holiday vacation even though vacationing with a toddler does not provide much rest at all. Like, not none.

However, the time alone with my sweet boy has shown me that he is struggling with toddlerhood. I don’t know if it’s fear of what it means to be an independent big kid or just attempting to hold on to the the security that being a baby provides. Still, Mama needed to give that baby some tough love pushes today. Today the whining was real. The Mommy pick me up, the jumping up and down when he didn’t his way, the crocodile tears….yeah it was no joke. But neither was I.

Cayden: “Mommy I don’t want to take a nap.”

Mommy: “You know if you were a total big boy we could negotiate you staying up. However, you’ve only shown me that you know how to be a baby today so go to sleep.”

Cayden: “Mommy can you find my shoes?”

Mommy: “Did you look in the living room?”

Cayden: “I don’t want to look, you do it Mommy”

Mommy: “Well, looks like you won’t have shoes then. You didn’t place them where you know they go. I’m willing to help you but you have to help yourself.”

It was nonstop today. Although I’ve noticed these traits before, time alone (from sun up to sun down with him) has shown me things that I can’t focus on so heavily as a working mom. During the week when we get home we eat, play, read books, take baths, and it’s time for bed. The weekends are different of course. However, we are out and about most of the time enjoying all that the city has to offer. I try to be completely aware as a parent. I try to pay attention to everything as it relates to my child. But I am not perfect. I miss little thing sometimes. I missed how big this struggle is for him. But now that I am aware of this I will do my part in supporting him to progress into being the total big boy he is destined to be.


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