ALERT! ALERT! Fabulous Mommy Feature!


A mother’s body remembers her babies-the folds of soft flesh, the softly furred scalp against her nose. Each child has it’s own entreaties to body and soul.”
― Barbara Kingsolver

Saluting amazing mothers is one of the easiest things to do. Beautiful, talented, creative, selfless, and strong mothers allow us to understand the depth of unconditional love. Taking the opportunity to salute Tashauna Waters…piece of cake! Tashauna is a mother of two beauties. She resides in Chicago, Illinois and is a Social Worker as well as an Event Planner.

Torell , Age 8(far right); Torey Age 6 (far left)

The Insane Mama: What is your favorite thing about motherhood?

Tashauna: Unconditional love. I believe my first experience with love that requires you to constantly forgive began when I became a mother. Every second presents opportunity for you to love differently.

The Insane Mama:What is the hardest thing about motherhood?

Tashauna:Disciplining. When it comes to disciplining, I realize that I can be hard on my children. I have high expectations for them.

The Insane Mama: What is the most important thing you want your children to understand about life?

Tashauna: That life isn’t fair! No one in my home was born with a silver spoon! Although their grandmother bought Torell a silver spoon from Tiffany’s when he was born lol. Along with the idea that life isn’t fair, I want them to understand how to be resourceful and make the best of the life they have.

The Insane Mama: What do you believe is most important to teach your children as a mother?

Tashauna: I define my success as a parent by teaching my children how to make themselves happy. As an adult, I want my children to be able to cope with life’s many stressors and learn how to be happy and content. They are constantly redefining what makes them happy.

The Insane Mama: Do you cook with your children? What’s your favorite meal to make as a family?

Tashauna: Our favorite meal to make together is homemade pizza. Honestly, it’s the easiest! I have a few videos of them making pizza over the past years and it’s so funny to see them practically do the same thing year after year. Torell is the neat one while Torey typically eats all the pepperoni.

The Insane Mama:What are your kid’s personalities? Torey is ambitious, a leader, bossy and drives me crazy with dancing! She can’t stay still for anything! One day I asked her why she couldn’t stay still and her response was simple…” I’m happy”. Torell is a critical thinker, very emotional, and creative. His mind is constantly running and he talks about practically anything!

The Insane Mama:If you could teach them a proverb about life that they would never forget what would that be?

Tashauna:Memory is the treasure of the mind.


Salute Queen! How honored am I to tell the world about your love!

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