Say NO to sluggish school lunches!

Many children don’t particularly care for the school lunches (understandably so) which means we must get creative with what we send them to school with that should sustain them throughout the day. yes, it’s very easy to buy a few lunchables and pack a bag of chips. However, is it hurting them more than helping them? After all, we get “sluggish” during our eventful days when we eat things that are too greasy, salty, or even fattening in the early afternoon hours. So what do we think it will do to our children? Here are a few lunch NO NO’s to help you out as it relates to packing your children’s lunch for school.

  1. Say NO to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (this is my son’s favorite meal by the way). Instead, use a nut butter spread that doesn’t have all of that sugar and swap slices of fruit for jelly. Your children’s bodies will thank you later.Image result for peanut butter and jelly sandwich no
  2. Say NO to “kid friendly” yogurt. The amount of sugar added is insane. Try Dannon Oikos Greek non fat yogurt  and add your own fruits and granola. They might actually feel like “big kids” eating such an adult snack. Image result for kid yogurt no
  3. Say NO to fruit snacks (another one of my son’s favorites). Try fruit leather or frozen grapes. There are also some pretty cool recipes online for home made fruit snacks.Image result for fruit snacks
  4. Say NO to chips. Try homemade cheese-its instead. Image result for chips

I’m sure you’re saying “you told me all of these “no’s” but what does an ideal healthy lunch really look like?” I’ll tell you. Pack a tuna sandwich, a salad, the fruit of their choice and some cheese cubes. Boom! Or pack a a turkey sandwich, apple sauce, and a sring cheese stick.  Now that I gave you two freebies, let’s see if you can get creative on your own! Happy packing moms!!!!


Until next time!

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