Boobie tricks: Making nursing a little easier


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Breastfeeding, alone, can be a very stressful process. Without support it can be traumatizing. Prior to nursing my son I only knew two people who breast-fed exclusively and for longer than two months. My best friend was one and my aunt was another. Whenever I mentioned my plan to give my son liquid gold (yes breast milk is just that good) people would discourage me in any way possible. They would say how much it hurts or that I wouldn’t be able to do it because of the physical demands. But I proved them all wrong! (Insert wicked laugh here.) How did it do it? With little tricks and plenty prayer of  course! Below are a few things that could help any mom that chooses to nurse.


  1. Do NOT let your baby nurse on one side only. When you begin, let them nurse for 10 minutes on one side and then switch to the other. Your boobs will thank you later.
  2. But breast pads (to avoid crazy leaking) and breast therapy pads (for soothing).
  3. If you have a painful duct clog lay your baby on the bed, get on all fours, and nurse that way. Gravity will do its job for sure.
  4. If your baby wont latch try every position possible for sure. But what works 90% of the time is the football hold.
  5. Carry a pump on the car. If you’re driving and start to leak or feel engorged lift your shirt, attach the pump, and pull your shirt back down. No one will ever know.
  6. If there is no available pump (or baby) self express into a cup.Squeeze those girls with your hands.
  7. Let your baby sleep in your room for a few months. Place a bassinet or playpen near your bed.
  8. Invest in nursing bras. It makes it quick and easy.
  9. Buy nipple shields. I didn’t need them but they may save you some pain.
  10. Buy a support pillow.
  11. PUMP AND STORE! (That way when you need a break someone else can feed the baby.) Also, you may want to leave the room completely because if the baby smells you he/she may refuse the bottle.
  12. Enjoy it. Because it will end one day and you just may miss it : )


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