Let ‘s get these babies spring ready!

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It’s almost February and we all know what that means, right? It’s time to prepare our children for the next season. Yay for the Spring! Boooooo to our pockets. Unless… we get started now! Here’s how to prepare for the seasonal change that will dramatically slap us in the face with a 65 degree day out of no where.

  1. Buy a spring jacket now! You don’t want to wait until the last-minute when there is either a limited selection or you have to send your child outside in his winter jacket on because you had no idea the weather change would be so abruptly.
  2. Start removing winter clothes and shoes from the closet. Remove the things that are too little, they rarely wear, or are plain ugly : / Give them away or pack them up. Just get them out of the closet so that you can have more space  to work with.
  3. Put spring clothes and/or shoes on lay away. By the time that spring is truly here (in like 45 days) You will at least have a weeks worth of clothes.
  4. Buy new socks! No one wants to wear long winter socks when the tulips are sprouting and the birds are chirping.
  5. Replace underwear and under shirts. Why not?
  6. Hit the dollar store up for “outside” toys. Sidewalk chalk is a favorite of mine.
  7. Buy baseball caps. They are on sale now to make room for new inventory.
  8. Plan the first springtime outing. How fun will it be to spend time with your little ones in the sun?

I know I’m counting down Mama’s how about you? Let’s go into the game prepared!

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