Dare to help a mom today

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Dare to help another mom today,

There is no “one” and perfect way.

She may need someone to lean an ear,

or maybe a friend to hug her dear.

she may need someone to watch the baby

so she could sleep an hour maybe.

She might need some help making dinner tonight,

or advice on how to stop the kids fights.

She might need her hair twirled up really neat,

some make up to feel pretty , some new shoes for her feet.

Offer to buy her son a new hat,

and possibly for the baby, a new play mat.

She doesn’t need your judgement, snide looks, or smart remarks

what she may need is simply a fresh start.

She might need love, surely you can give care

she might need a laugh or for you to simply be there.

She might struggle sometimes with the children’s work

I know you can be a tutor, what would that hurt?

We all need someone, even if only for a while

what happened to the village raising the child?

Dare to help a mom today,

There is no “one” and perfect way.

Just be a supporting mom, friend, or kin

and then tomorrow do it all over again.


Written By Shetoya T. Russell

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