Daddy finger, daddy finger…. screw you


img_4513You’re not a real toddler mom unless you have been tempted to smash all electronic devices because of daddy finger. Yes the annoying daddy finger daddy finger where are you? My goodness I’d rather hear nails on a chalkboard. Anyhow, a friend of mine posted a totally awesome cup that slams the song totally. After some research I discovered that the cup is $20. For a cup? Seriously folks? I’m definitely not paying that soooooooo I decided to make my own for less than $5! Here’s how!

whats needed?

-ceramic cup from the dollar store

-sharpie markers of your choice


-the oven

Draw whatever you would like on the cup with a pencil then trace over it with the sharpie markers. Bake in the oven on 350 degrees. Put the cup in there as it’s heating up. After 30 minutes turn off the oven. Do not take the cup out! Let it cool completely before removing. Wash the cup  and you’re ready to use! Boom! Thank me later.

P.s. This would also be a great crafting idea to do with the kiddos!


Until next time!


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