Snow whaaaaaat?!

Painting the snow is so fun!  Here are two fun ways to make snow paint.:


Sadly, here in Chicago we’ve been hit with snow again. Yes, snow. In March. Plenty of it too. But, this is Chicago so what do you expect but the unexpected? Since this just may be our last hoo rah with the snow (prayerfully) let’s do something to make the best of it!

I was scrolling on Pintrest today and discovered the cutest “snow fun” idea. Snow paint! Get ready for a complicated recipe guys… you ready? Water and food coloring! Boom! That’s it! Get a water bottle, fill it with water, and add the food coloring of your choice. Go outside with the little ones and let them have at it. If nothing else, it will burn off some energy and serve as a prequel to some peaceful sleep.

Happy snow day all!!!!

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