Sunday Eats! #nomnom

I have an amazing cooking schedule thanks to my mom who saw that I was cooking nearly every day and losing my mind in the process. It has literally enhanced my life in sooooooo many ways. What is this amazing God send of a schedule? I’ll let you in on my secret. I cook three days a week and the only day I’m left eating  food outside my home is Saturday! Boom! The key is cooking enough for leftovers. I cook Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I always have leftovers for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Smart right?! 

Shockingly, this post is not about my cooking schedule (I’m a rambler, sorry). It’s about the fact that I’m addicted to a Senegalese restaurant here in Chicago called Yassa that serves an amazing fish! I chose to make my own rendition of that fish for Sunday dinner today and it was the bomb!!!!! (Do people still say bomb? Maybe not) I took a recipe I found online and changed a few things. I used less mustard (mustard on fish…weird) and added adobo seasoning. I also used grape seed oil.  Because I’m a nice person (toot toot 😁) I have placed the website that I acquired the recipe from below…. YOU’RE WELCOME! Enjoy your Sunday!

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