How do babies come out?

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Our children ask us a million questions daily from “why do I have to brush my teeth?” to “why do I have to go pee?” To be honest many of them can simply be answered with a sweet “because I said so” but  many of their questions require a REAL answer. Let me just say that my son is the king of the ‘real answer required’ questions.

Recently, there has been many questions about babies (real answer required). He’s yearning to be a big brother. Because of my career as well  as my blunt nature answering these questions honestly are pretty easy. However, there was a new question within the past week that stumped me. How do babies come out? Like…… do I just say out the stomach? Because that’s not true. Not all babies enter this world via c-section.  My vagina got stretched to the size of a darn bowling ball for this kid to make his entrance. But still many do. How do I tell me son at the age of 3 that he came out of my vagina?

He asked again seeing as though there wasn’t an answer the first time. Without hesitation I asked him what his thoughts were (while I was deciding what to do). Let’s be real. The average child under the age of 8 is probably not ready to discuss this but my baby is different. He just is. So I told him this. It depends. Some babies are cut from stomachs and some babies are in such a rush to some into this world that they come out another way. My heart was pounding waiting on him to ask me what the other way was but instead he asked “Was I in a rush?” He was. he came two weeks early. After telling him this he was satisfied and back to the regularly scheduled program.

I’m sure sooner than later he will ask again. He will think about the fact that he was bamboozled into “not discussing” the other way babies are born. And I will decide what to tell him that day. Maybe the truth…maybe not. All I know is that i avoided it for another day : )



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