Let’s get Naked…No Panties No Bra

Image result for plus size woman silhouette


Let’s get naked. No panties. No bra. Let’s stand in front the longest mirror in our home. Look at her. Naked.

Middle finger to everyone that tries to define what you should look like with or without your clothes. Who said that breasts were one size fits all? Look at yours…they are perfectly YOURS. No matter how high, how low, how big, or how small. Your scars, your stretch marks, your moles, your freckles, your dimples, your cellulite… it’s  beautifully and uniquely you.

So, let’s get naked. Let’s cry if we need to, mourning the fact that we have allowed others to make us feel less than. Let’s touch the parts of us that we have ignored, covered, and been ashamed of denouncing the feeling of worthlessness. You are worth everything. Dance naked, jump for joy, scream as loud as your lungs will allow because you are amazing regardless of what mold society believes you should fit into.

Let go of the baggage you picked up before puberty even hit. The baggage you carry because someone told you that you were too skinny or too fat. Too short or too tall. Who are they to judge your love handles?! Hell, love made  them whether it was love of food, love of an unborn child, or that new love of a relationship (that generally gives you an extra 10 lbs). Either way it’s not their issue and not their body. It will never be anyone’s body but yours.

So love it. Because your body is imperfectly perfect and screw anyone who tries to tell you different.


Until next time…

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