How to Make Sure Your Family Outings are Smooth as Butter

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If you’re anything like me you may get the occasional case of anxiety surrounding family outings with the little one’s. In my four years of being a mother I have discovered what causes my anxiety about family trips and what brings me comfort. Honestly speaking, I am very type A as well as over organized when it comes to my child and all that relates to him (my future husband will love this I’m sure). Surprisingly it saves money and time…sadly I can be irritating (literally laughing as I type). Regardless! My system works and everyone loves me in the end. So, being the super cool mom that I am, I thought I would let you in on my secret.

  • As long as you have young children always bring something to push or wheel them around in. Whether it’s a jogger stroller or a wagon. You do not want to be carrying a 5-year-old around because he is soooooo tired and his legs hurt sooooo much. A blanket in a wagon does the trick.
  • Always carry two meals for three reasons. The first is to give your children an option. For some reason children love to think that they picked it themselves. The second is because you don’t really know how long you will be outside and it’s better to be over prepared than under prepared. The third reason is because they are going to be for junk like toys and ice cream. If you have the meal covered already you feel so much better about spending your money on the things they really love.
  • Bring extra clothes. I don’t care if your child is 9. Not just because they may spill something, the weather can change in an instant. Make sure that they will be comfortable.
  • Bring entertainment for the car. Especially if you will be driving for some distance. The worst thing that can happen is a car full of kids asking “are we there yet”. Its like nails to a chalk board.
  • Lastly, take pictures. It’s really cool for them to see that you took the time to make amazing memories with them.


Until next time…

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