How to Make Sure Your Vagina is Happy :)

7 ways to keep your vagina happy and healthy.png


Vagina care. Yes, we are going to talk about this. Your kitty, Va-jay-jay, coo twat, or whatever you call her requires real care to be healthy and happy. Washing her doesn’t do it. No even remotely. Without realizing it we cause a stressful environment down there. Not cool. Anyhow, here are some great tips on how to take care of her a little bit better.

  1. Cotton Panties or no panties at all. Air her out ladies. Synthetic panties help top create heat and traps moisture down there. This creates the perfect environment for yeast infections. If you don’t like cotton panties try a few days with none at all. I have to admit commando is liberating.
  2. Stock up on Yogurt. Greek yogurt to be exact. Yogurt contains probiotics (healthy bacteria). This helps balance the pH of the vagina.
  3. Use protection as often as possible when having sex. Yes, because if you don’t want babies or STD’s it’s best. However, that’s not the only reason. Unprotected sex disrupts your vagina’s acidity. Condoms  keep semen from affecting your natural pH levels as well.
  4. Get pap smears and STD testing regularly. This is self-explanatory (I hope).
  5. Be mindful of what you are eating. Food affects smell and taste. No one wants to smell and taste garlic and onions when you remove your pants ladies.
  6. Soap is not your vagina’s best friend. Neither is douching. The vagina cleans itself and does not need to be flushed with chemicals (douching). And because it needs healthy bacteria, antibacterial soaps are not good. They kill all the good stuff.
  7. Drink cranberry juice. Not only does cranberry juice help your pH balance, but it helps to protect you against UTI’s as well.

You can thank me later…

Until Next time

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