Children are Annoying and Motherhood is Still Awesome

When our children are birthed we are so overcome with emotion and joy that we can’t imagine them doing any wrong. They are perfect… perfectly ours. It would be very Hallmark of me to say Mother’s Day is everyday but the reality of the situation is that we are rarely appreciated. Even on Mother’s Day sometimes (dumb men). Our children drive us crazy daily. Still, we would walk bare foot over hot coals for these little monsters. That’s what unconditional love is. We love even though…

I decided to do something different this year. I decided to remind mom’s that we are not alone as it relates to be annoyed by the people we love the most. If you think you’re alone I have a news flash for you. All of our children are jerks. Lean on another parent when you feel like falling apart because no one knows the struggle of another mom. Don’t believe me? Ask them…


“The whining. For the love of God, the whining.” -Judy

“Having to repeat yourself daily over dumb s*** #brushingteeth”-Neffer

“They don’t sleep late on the weekends.”-Janet

“My sons personality clashes with mine.”-Darnisha

“Begging, whining, having to repeat myself, sibling rivalry.”-Tierra

“For me, when I want to do something for them or more than what I’ve done but can’t #Frustrating ….Both my daughters know I hate to repeat myself, I don’t like unnecessary crying annnnnnnnnd Velcro kids 🤷🏾‍♀️”- De’Anna

“Never ending talking. 24/7. All day, all night, when I’m trying to parallel park in the smallest spot ever talking. God help me.”-Michele

“Extra curricular activities. Literally driving all over the city and sitting there. Lol”-Peytyn

“Not being able to get up and go somewhere spur of the moment. A sitter has to be arranged in advance all the time, lol.”-Kelli

“The whining and sibling rivalry. Also the selective hearing😒😒”-Kari

“Purposely walking slow or moving slow.”-Tramaine

“Yup they are sloths!”-Skye

“I swear my son does not hear me until I raise my voice. He will literally just stare at my while I’m talking until I yell “do you hear me?”-Krystal

“Whining, always got something to say, argumentative, behavior. It drives me up a wall. 😤😒”-Donne’

“Ignoring you when you tell her to do something. She doesn’t pull it with me, but she tries my mom all the time. I think it’s so rude and disrespectful.”-Sylvia

“Making you have to repeat yourself so many times and only actually listening when I start yelling.” -Ebony

Happy Mother’s Day ladies…. you rock!


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