17 Ways to Turn Up as a Family this Summer

There is no excuse not to have an amazing summer with your kids! I get it, sometimes we wake up and just don’t know what to do. Sometimes we need a suggestion for every budget. Sometimes we need a little push. Well, hello I’m Shetoya the pusher! This summer I am challenging you to make lasting memories with your babies even if you can’t go on a fancy vacation. Here are some great ideas.

  • Picnic at the beach. Bring lunch, a blanket, and a positive attitude.
  • Go to the museum and/or zoo.
  • Get the movies in the park schedule. 
  • Go watch a baseball game.
  • Pick a day for a nice bike ride at the lake front.
  • Go berry picking.
  • Make ice cream dates.
  • Painting in the park. Bring all of your painting materials and do it under the tree.
  • Go swimming at your local park.
  • Go horseback riding.
  • Visit a water park nearby. Look for coupons online. 
  • Have dinner on a kid friendly patio.
  • Do an outdoor family photo shoot.
  • Scavenger hunting is always awesome.
  • Water balloon fight.
  • Take a ride on a Ferris wheel
  • Spend the night at a hotel (staycations are amazing)
  • Last but not least take plenty of pictures! 

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