ALERT! ALERT! Fabulous Mommy Feature!!!

Fabulous Mommy Feature!

Let’s take some time to honor and salute an amazing Mommy! Dominique DeAnn is a Radiographer in Chicago, Il (Country Club Hill). She is the mother of Reign Olumide (age 6) and Amelia Diane (age 2).
The Insane Mama: What is your favorite part of motherhood?
Dominique: The love. The love I have for them. The love they have for me. And the love they have for each other….it’s an amazing, indescribable feeling.
The Insane Mama:How do you deal with sibling disagreements?
Dominique: Empathy. I get them to see the situation from the other’s point of view.
The Insane Mama:What do you and your children do for fun?
Dominique: We sing and dance!!!
The Insane Mama: What is the hardest part of mother hood?
Dominique: The fear…I am responsible for their physical, financial, and emotional health. And the emotional health is the scariest. It’s the one thing I’ll never be sure of.
The Insane Mama: Do you have any family traditions?
Dominique: Nothing really. Just family reunions every other year. We were big on holidays but now that our matriarch (my maternal grandmother) has passed,  we’re starting to implement our on.
The Insane Mama: What do you want your children to remember the most about their childhood?
Dominique: Happiness. Love. Stability. Nothing else matters.
The Insane Mama:If you could tell your children what they mean to you what would you say?
Dominique: The first thing that pops in my mind is a line from Forrest Gump when his mother says, “I was destined to be yo mama.”
They are the reason I am.



We salute you beautiful! Keep up the amazing work!

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