Open Letter to the Good Dad’s

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Dear dad,

They notice. It may not be the “they” that you wish to notice. There may not be bells and whistles announcing your greatness but you are nothing short of amazing. Your son notices when pay attention to his form and shows him the proper way to swing. Your daughter notices when you rock the bubble gum pink fingernails and drink the imaginary tea. You are appreciated and you are loved. Your children are the only “they” that should matter. Things are hard for you too. Sometimes you can’t even pin point your niche in the realm of parenting. You are not perfect nor do you ever have to be. Just know that you were perfectly made for your children. Maybe things didn’t work out with mom. That doesn’t make you less important  or that your role will have less of an impact. You are NEEDED. Some things sound better coming from Daddy’s heart. Sometimes you sleep better knowing that daddy has your back. You are seen giving over 110%. Your hands are callous from working long hours to provide. You are a hero. You were a hero the first time you held your tiny baby in your arms and kissed their little face. You will be a hero when you change the flat tire, throw them in the air so that they can pretend to fly, or teach them how to drive. Everyone that saves the day doesn’t wear a cape. You are so dope and just in case no one has told you lately, you are loved. Thanks for being you : )

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