Let's talk about mornings

They suck. Yes, mornings. What sucks about mornings you may ask? Children. If you get to wake up, shower, eat your breakfast, and leave your house peacefully, I hate you. Being a parent means preparing yourself for a 300 Sparta type of battle, over nearly everything, from the moment your feet hit the floor. Asking my son to brush his teeth creates a tsunami of tears and screams that can be heard miles away. Because, after all, who needs to brush their teeth? When you are a parent the morning means telling someone to put on their underwear, socks, shoes, clothes, or anything on just to find them in a t-shirt/no underwear/no socks watching Mickey and the Roadster Racers. It means you are waking up a child ten times who is telling you they are too tired to go to school or daycare. It means trying to walk out the door and realizing they are carrying fifteen toys. Fifteen toys that they ask you to hold because they are conveniently too heavy to carry. Screw the fact that your hands are already full.

It means taking them to school or daycare only to have them hold your leg for 5 minutes trying to explain why they should just be able to go with you to work. Even though you keep explaining that you are now officially late for work yourself. Please. Let. Me. Go. Child.

However, being a parent also means you will get to work and look at every single picture of them in your phone wondering how their day is going. Watching videos, with a smile, thinking about how contagious their laugh is. Being a parent means things are tougher, take more time, require patience, and coffee (or whiskey). Still, it’s crazy because when I really think about it, I wouldn’t trade these sucky mornings for the world : ) Good morning!

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