I Suck at Meal Prepping…


I suck at meal prep but....png

I suck at meal prepping. It’s just not my thing. However, I make one hell of a mason jar salad. That, I can do. As a diabetic I’ve learned to adjust my diet. I’m not perfect by any means (I will murder a cookies and cream shake like it’s nobody’s business). But I’ve made some great strides and this salad has helped tremendously. And yes, these are actually pictures of today’s salad below. Here are the keys to a great mason jar salad.

  • Make the salad upside down. Meaning put the cheese and toppings in first. Put the lettuce/spinach in last.
  • Try to make it the night before or the day of. Soggy lettuce sucks.
  • If you like warm meat don’t add the chicken, etc. Keep it separate and warm later.

Simple, right? (Thank God) Below is my lit chicken salad…

What do you like in your salad?


(Shredded baked chicken from last nights dinner, shredded Mexican cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, New York Texas Toast croutons, and spinach)

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