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Believe me, I understand fully and wholeheartedly that there are many “petty baby mama’s” (I hate that term) that find any way possible to make the lives of their child/children fathers difficult. However, I’ve noticed a trend of “dumbassness” (I don’t care if it’s a real word or not) amongst many (not all) fathers. YOU MAKE WOMEN WANT TO LET THE GOVERNMENT IN ON YOUR BUSINESS! Let me be clear, the last thing I want is for any woman to place a man on child support when he should want to take full responsibility for the child/children he created. Still, when many women receive little to no help their backs are against the wall. What else is she to do? So, I decided to offer my male readers valuable advice as to how to stay off child support.

  1. STOP ASKING WHAT THEY NEED! What the hell do you need? They need the same stuff. They need socks, underwear, clothes, shoes, a tooth brush, jackets, hats, sandals, boots, etc.
  2. BE CONSISTENT! Nobody said you have to spend $300 each time you shop for your kids. If you buy a few outfits and a pair of shoes just don’t let 3 months go by before you buy something else. Bring your child a jacket in a few weeks (seasons do change) or buy underclothes on your next check. Those little things add up.
  3. PAY HALF OF ACTIVITY COSTS. If your child plays basketball, the piano, is a gymnast, or a cheerleader that mess costs. Go half on the cost of the program and buy supplies needed for participation.
  4. STOP FLEXING WHEN YOU KNOW YOU’RE NOT DOING HALF OF WHAT YOU SHOULD. How dare you give your child’s mom $50 a month for the care of the life you helped to create and then post pictures on social media of you with $200 shoes, plane tickets, $100 bottles of liquor, and $90 jeans. What do you think she’s going to say or do? Here she is sacrificing wearing her same shoes from 4 years ago so that she can buy shoes for your child.
  5. BE THERE. Many mothers are so upset by the combination of no financial help and no physical help that they literally make you pay. A trip to the park or a free weekend for mom goes a long way.

Try these things dad’s they’re guaranteed to make you life so much easier.



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