Before Leaving Your Children Home Alone…

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Tragedy can strike whether our children are in our care or not. However, I believe that lessening the chances is the responsible thing to do as it relates to parenting. I’ve been hearing more and more stories about children being left home alone unattended for hours only for the parents to receive a phone call that they would never have imagined; the house burned down, the child fell out the window, someone broke in, and so much more. Granted, the legal age (that varies from stated to state) should always be considered before leaving our kids alone first…but other things should as well like the maturity level of the child, their ability to think in chaotic situations, etc.  I stumbled across some valuable information (link below) provided by the Child Welfare Information Gateway. Please click and read! I hope that this is helpful!


What to consider before leaving your child home alone to Consider Before Leaving Your Child Home Alone

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