Oh, The Crazy Things Kids Say and Do


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No one is as brutally honest and freely insensitive as a child. Filter? What’s that? Children say and do things according to how they feel. Nothing else matters. Just last night my son was highly annoyed because he was trying to eat his Jello and a gnat landed right in his bowl. His response? “Mommy a bug flew in my Jello. These damn bugs in yo house!” Speechless. (Don’t ask me where he got that from) I asked other moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and grandparents what are some of the things their little ones have said/done that have caught them off guard. Here are their responses.



Bobbi: Quit starring at me
Brya (her cousin): I’m not looking at you I’m looking at how you’re eating
Bobbi: Do I look like a movie to you stop watching me!!!



Kennedy: *Playing with my bra*
5 year old brother says: Quit playing with mommy’s boob protector!



Walks in grocery store with godson and bestfriend

Girl, my hair so nappy!!! 
JoJo the Godson: WAKE UP HAIR!!! 



My baby got special “grease” for my edges that she get from her mouth!



Daughter Amari: Daddy we saw a cow and you know how Mommy’s belly is Jiggly? That’s how the cow’s was (as she laughs hysterically).



Sits on the toilet to pee

Cayden: Mommy do you need some tissue to wipe your penis? Mommy: I don’t have a penis, I have a vagina. Cayden: Well, do you need tissue to wipe your Virginia?



MeMe to me: I don’t want macaroni. 
Reign: Well u gon eat it!



After explaining to Samson how babies are made…

 Me: Is there something wrong, 5year old Samson: Yes, I don’t like what daddy did to you, and I wish you never told me that. If you never mention this again we can pretend like this never happened.



After prayer I told my son to say “Amen”

Torell: 🤔
Me: Say “Amen” 😒
Torell: 🤔
Me: Torell!! Say “AMEN” 😠
Torell: But I’m not a man….. I’m a boy 😐
Me: 😑



Son: Mommy, what does immune mean? 
Me: To be used to something. 
Son: Oh. Ok. 
After a few seconds… Do you know why I don’t cry when you whoop me?
Me: Why, son?
Son: Because I’m immuned to them. 
Me: 😕😒 Go somewhere away from me.



When Kendall was about 4 I still thought it was ok to walk around in undies… anyways one day he looked at me and said “those panties are too small for you” I simply responded “who asked you?”



A lady stepped on the elevator and Kenadie started sing ” aye big won’t back it up”🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ or when she first learned talk to pointed to the waiters bald head and said HAIR! Really loud.



I ask Anaiyah todo something for me and she said what do I look like your resterserver? Lol


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