I Watched What the Health like What the H***!

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I admit it. I’m one of those people who logged into Netflix to watch the “What the Health” documentary (thanks to Tamella) and instantly eliminated meat from my diet. It had nothing to do with this bandwagon you guys think everyone else is on and everything to do with the fact that I was just grossed the hell out by what I saw. Period. Furthermore, as a type 1 diabetic I was curious as to what this could possibly mean for my health. Could it be possible that the elimination of meat and all animal products would help with the late night bathroom runs, dizzy spells, and occasional nausea? I wasn’t sure but I would surely find out.

It was nearly 5 weeks that I lived my life as a “vegan”. To be honest I hate saying this because I hate labeling anything I do. Adding a title to anything you do opens you up for judgement and scrutiny the moment you go astray. The second you eat a cheese cracker there’s someone waiting to go “Aha! I knew you weren’t a real vegan!” (y’all literally sit waiting on a person to fail at whatever they set forth to do). Anyway… the crazy thing is that not only did veganism show me what it could do to my blood sugars,  I also learned plenty about my overall relationship with food. Let me tell you, it was abuse abusive.

Food has caused my diabetes to be out of control, my waistline to be thick, and even my face to break out at times. And what have I done? Eat some more. Eat until I nearly burst. I ate until I was broke because we all know that food isn’t cheap. Still, I bought more food. I only looked to see how many carbs were in the things I consumed. I never looked for the ingredients until 5 weeks ago. SHOCKER! I was reading things that sounded like they should be in a concrete mixer and then there was the lard.  Like, who uses lard in 2017 anyway??? Yuck. I had a dependency on food. Not to nourish my body or to give me energy. I used food to combat depressive moods, to indulge in gluttony for no reason at all, and to socialize even. I let food control my life. MY LIFE.

Anyhow, I became conscious of how my body reacted to what I put in it. There were many positive effects; waist line changed, lost a few pounds, got a little glow….winning. Right? But then there were the negatives. Not many. But at least two major ones; low blood sugar and vitamin deficiency. Friggin sucked! Big time. Nobody in the stupid documentary mentioned that now did they? The low blood sugars were also caused by my consciousness to decrease my serving sizes. I have yet to get used to adjusting my insulin perfectly for this. The vitamin deficiency speaks for itself. I began taking supplements a week ago.

Where am I now? Am I still “vegan”? Nah. But I still maintain on a meatless diet. I have now incorporated cheese, creams, etc back into my life (oh how I’ve missed them). But still, no meat. I’m still grossed out. Period. Will I still live a meat free life 5 years from now? I have no clue. But today, it’s working for my life. And to be honest I have zero desire for meat. Don’t judge me, judge ya mammy.

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