Twenty Life Lessons

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Wisdom comes with age and experience. A few scraped knees, a couple broken hearts, the loss of someone you love, and hitting rock bottom will change you in ways you haven’t imagine. At 32, I don’t know it all, but life has afforded me the opportunity to learn some amazing lessons that only experience could have offered. Some of the experiences have left me broken, depressed, and confused. Regardless, I’ve grown from each one. Gold can’t be made without fire right? My mother once told me that a smart man/woman is able to learn from the mistakes of others. In other words, listen sometimes. Take heed to what some may say so that you don’t find yourself in the same predicament. Here are a few of the lessons I learned that may help someone else someday.

  1. Be careful digging a ditch for someone else, because you might fall in yourself.
  2. Love doesn’t hurt. If it does then maybe it isn’t love.
  3. You always reap what you sow. Karma has a long list. Believe me you’re on it.
  4. Life isn’t going to be fair and neither is favor.
  5. It’s better to be over prepared than under prepared.
  6. It’s better to be over dressed than under dressed.
  7. Miracles happen.
  8. A closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Speak up or you will never get what you want.
  9. Do what you want. Because everyone else is going to do what they want without worrying about your opinion.
  10. Forgiveness isn’t easy. But when you finally forgive, you will have peace.
  11. Life is short. You may not be able to apology to the person you wronged. So do it now.
  12. Not everybody is going to wait on you to get your sh** together.
  13. Work less, play more.
  14. Health is wealth.
  15. Cry. The release is necessary.
  16. Your body has to be your temple. Not everyone should touch it and not everything edible should go into it.
  17. Sleep under the stars at least once in your life.
  18. Therapy rocks. It’s unbiased and focuses solely on you.
  19. Have children, get a puppy, love someone other than you.
  20. Love heals.









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