National Family Day!

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I’ve officially created my own holiday. I mean, it seems like social media does so every week, so why can’t I? Every time you look  up it’s National Best Friend Day, National Dog Day, and National Donut Day. Believe me, I’m always looking for an excuse to buy a donut…no complaints over here. However, if they can do it so can I! This Friday, September 15, 2017, is National Family Day. On this day spend some time doing a fun filled activity with your children, spouse, parents, friends, and anyone else you love. Don’t know where to start? It’s okay. Seeing as though I’m the creator of the holiday I can provide you with some pretty simple yet fun filled ideas!

  • Family Movie Night; Bake cupcakes and pop popcorn prior to the movie. Get your warmest blankets and curl up together for some good entertainment and snuggling.
  • Home made video night; Turn on your favorite song, grab a toy guitar, and rock out. Watch your home made music videos later.
  • Family Scavenger Hunt Night; Pick teams and embark on a journey for a few hours. Losers do the dishes.
  • Sock Puppet Night; Decorate some old socks and put on a show.
  • Game Night with  a Twist; Create a board game. Your game, your rules.
  • Family Puzzle Night; Purchase a large puzzle and put it together as a family.
  • Family Craft Night; I’m a huge fan of drawing on ceramic cups with sharpie markers and baking them to seal in the work.
  • Indoor Camping; Set up a tent (chairs and blankets will do) indoors and tell spooky stories. It doesn’t get any better than that!
  • Family Art Night; Get a large poster board and paint/draw on it together.
  • Family Sports Night; Attend a local high school football game together.
  • Family Pizza Night; Create your own pizza.


Enjoy the holiday!

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