You Cannot Pour From An Empty Cup…



You cannot pour from an empty cup. You cannot pour from an empty cup. YOU CANNOT POUR FROM AN EMPTY CUP. I cannot stress this enough. Some things we know because it has been expressed to us while others we have experienced. I was HER. You know, the girlfriend/wife/mom doing for everyone else while neglecting my own needs. The problem is, at some point you begin running on empty until the car completely stops. Then, no one can get anywhere. People have to allow you the opportunity to refuel. If they do not afford you this opportunity…YOU TAKE IT. You deserve a mental health moment or day. You deserve cry space. You deserve the opportunity to relax. You owe yourself the space to take care of YOU. With that being said, here are some of my favorite self-care activities. Maybe they can be of some use to you.

  1. Put your phone on silent for an hour. Don’t talk to anyone, answer texts, or search the web. If you have people who worry about you send them a text stating that you are fine but that you will not be answering anyone for at least an hour.
  2. Go get a manicure and pedicure.
  3. Take a bubble bath at candle light. Bring the iPad in for some smooth music.
  4. Go flower shopping. I love grocery store flowers. I put together pretty arrangements for my home.
  5. Buy your favorite dessert and eat it ALONE. You don’t have to share this one with the kids.
  6. Have a movie night.
  7. Pray in solitude.
  8. Go for a walk.
  9. Read a good book.
  10. Go to bed early. Whatever it is, it can wait until tomorrow.




Until next time…

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