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I received a phone call not too long ago where I was urged to look at some t-shirts created by a young lady with an amazing vision. When I heard her story it was clear to me that so many people would love access to a great product created by a beautiful spirit. Meet Natasha Beals, creator of The Lotus Shoppe….


My name is Natasha Beals and I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago in the Roseland community. I have always wanted to spread love and fun to the world. I get so tired of seeing all of the hateful and evil things that are happening in the world today, especially within the African-American community. I honestly think the world can be so much better, if we just could spread some genuine love. After I graduated with my third college degree I decided to create The Lotus Shoppe. I named it the The Lotus
Shoppe because I absolutely love the lotus flower! The lotus flower means purity and rebirth. My Shop is just trying to help the world be reborn again, but this time with more love! What also inspired me is the drive to stop promoting ignorance through media, apparel, and other items. So I decided to create a t-shirt line that only promotes knowledge. We can be so much better, if we just learn to open our eyes and expand our knowledge. I figured that graphic tees would be a good
way to spread positive messages around. Everyone loves a cute graphic t-shirt. So I used my artist and graphic design skills to create designs that are eye-catching and spread a positive message. These t-shirts are just the beginning. I am working on workout apparel (because I am a serious gym nut!) handmade body products, home decor, tumblers, delicious treats and more. My passion for creating is endless. I am working hard to introduce our new products one at a time. My goal is to donate some of my proceeds to help homeless women and children in need. I have a strong passion to help homeless women. I want to help them become a part of society again and to
succeed. My nonprofit will be coming soon. You can view my Etsy shop here at

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